Bodega La Purisima

Yecla (Murcia), Spain

Since 1946, Bodegas La Purísima has selected and transformed the fruit of the best vines in order to create the GREAT WINES OF YECLA. A commitment to quality, innovation and tradition in wine-making, recognised by way of numerous international awards and the trust of thousands of customers around the world.

Bodegas La Purísima was founded in 1946 by several farmers who joined forces in order to improve the quality of Yecla wines. Their determination and desire to produce great wines finally led, in 1975, to their receiving the Denomination Origin title. This was a huge achievement for these farmers who, limited by the border of the municipality, registered the Yecla Denomination of Origin nº 27 in line with the prestigious French AOC.

At the beginning of the 1990s the wine cellar produced one of its best wines, the Iglesia Vieja Crianza, a wine which opened the door to other great wines. Iglesia Vieja Crianza was one of the first wines of the region to be included in the wine lists of leading restaurateurs in Murcia.

The climate of Yecla is of a dry continental type, with very hot summers which can reach 39ºC, and cold winters with temperatures which can drop to -10ºC on the coldest days. The mean temperature in Yecla is around 15ºC.

Rainfall is scarce, coming mainly in spring and autumn. Summer storms in the form of downpours or torrential rainfall are common in summer, often accompanied by hailstones.

This climate is the origin of our soil and our wines. Wines with character, colour and intense flavour.