Celler Acustic

Tarragona (Monstant), Spain

Founded by Proprietor and Winemaker Albert Jane, Acustic Celler is home to some of the oldest native varieties of Samso (Carinyena) and Garnatxa (Grenache) wines in the country. Albert Jane comes from the traditional winemaking family of Jane Ventura, 3rd generation of wine makers in the Pe?edes.


The authentic grape varieties are spread over 35 hectares of land controlled by the cellar, most of which are organic in nature. Coupled with poor stony soil that produces low yields with intense flavours and extreme weather conditions, it forms the ideal base for making unique tasting wines.


An important part of Acustic Celler's success comes from the conviction that it is possible to make fine, smart wines by returning to the roots of the ancient vineyards. Utilising old winemaking techniques and the manual harvesting of grapes to ensure minimal damage to the sensitive roots of the wines.

All the wines from Acustic Celler are aged in an underground cellar containing tanks .The grapes are first pressed by an ancient oaky pressing machine, the resulting juice being drawn by an ecological rack system using the principles of gravity down to undergroung tanks, ensuring that the wine's fruitiness is sealed in.

Free of artificial filtering and refining processes, all the wines by Acustic Celler are produced in strict accordance to traditional methods. A testament to the purity of the land and the unwavering belief in up-keeping winemaking techniques that have been passed down the generations.