Chateau Magdeleine Bouhou


Situated on the right bank of Bordeaux in the Blaye AOC, Chateau Magdeleine Bouhou has been producing top quality red wines since the mid 19th century. As early as 1868, Château Magdeleine Bouhou was listed as Premier Cru Bourgeois in the second edition of “Bordeaux et ses vins”, a reference guide by Ch. Cocks & Ed.Féret.

“The quality of wine is inseparable from the quality of the ecosystem. Everything starts from the vineyard and the soil to reach the bottle.” This is the mantra that is followed at Chateau Magdeleine Bouhou. The estate is extremely close to the Gironde estuary and receives many benefits including, ventilating winds, frost protection and general thermal regulation. The soils of the vineyards are typical of the area, clay on limestone, and produce wines that are fresh with intense fruit flavor. Characteristic of the region and especially close to the estates heart, Chateau Magdeleine Bouhou also produces a 100% Malbec, a historic grape for them since the 1800’s.

The name Chateau Magdeleine Bouhou comes from an interesting and apt history of the estate. When the winery was bought over one hundred years ago by two Bordeaux wine merchants, Arnaud and Jeantet, they were tasked with naming it. The two men had a wife and daughter, respectively, both named Magdeleine, and so that seemed a perfect fit. The estates close proximity to the Gironde estuary meant that it often saw strong winds. In the local Gascon dialect Bouhou (or Bouhar) means “a wind blowing” and so this too seemed a perfect fit. And so it became known as Chateau Magdeleine Bouhou.