Segura Viudas

Penedes, Spain

Segura Viudas is known for its high production standards, traditional method champenoise process & penchant for releasing the finest artisan cava.

Sprawling over 445 acres of the original Can Esbert property is the Segura Viudas Estate in the heart of the renowned cava-producing region of Spain, the Penedes, not far from the city of Barcelona.

Segura Viudas was established in 1945 when Sr. Segura purchased the medieval farmhouse known as Can Ebert and built a state-of-the-art facility with five levels of subterranean wine cellars. The marvelous profile of the mountain of Montserrat provides the backdrop fit for the winery and the Sant Poere De Riudevitlles River meanders its way through the estate.

The Ferrer family of Barcelona, the world's largest producers of sparkling wine, for over 100 years, purchased the Segura Viudas estate in the early eighties & are responsible for the introduction & success around the globe.

D.O. Penedes has its origins from the beginning of the sixth century when Phoenician ships laden with amphorae landed on the Catalonian coasts. It wasn't until two centuries later that they started to plan and cultivate vineyards. Since then Penedes has been a region of production and development of grapes and was recognized as a D.O. in 1960.

D.O. Penedes is one of the most important centers of Mediterranean wine culture. The Penedes region is a crossroad, connecting the vineyards of eastern Spain, around Tarragona and in Andalusia, where small and medium-sized vineyard lots are prominent. Vineyard owners maintain the majority of the wineries in Penedes and take extreme care in the maintenance of their vineyards and the production and maturing of their wines.

The Area
D.O. Penedes is situated between the coastal hills and the narrow plains of the Mediterranean coast, right in the heart of the central depression where the vines are grown. D.O. Pened?s is separated into three distinct areas: the Upper Pened?s, the Central Pened?s and the Lower Penedes.

The influence of the Mediterranean Sea and the sun makes the Pened?s region an area with a mild, warm climate that is idea for the growing vineyards.