1. Do you sell direct to the public?

2. Where do I purchase your products?

3. What if I cannot locate the product I am looking for listed in
    your portfolio in the usual retail outlets?

4. Are all your products available across Canada?

5. I live in a region outside of Western Canada. How can I
    obtain some of these products?

6. Are there special prices for purchases of large quantities?

7. Do you export wines to other countries?

8. Do you supply airlines and ship's chandlers on an in-bond

9. We are having a special event, such as a wedding,
    convention, or meeting, and are interested in serving some
    of your products. How do we do this?

10. I don't see any place on your website regarding
      employment opportunities. How do I apply for a position
      with your company?

11. How can I have one of your sales representatives call on
      my licensed establishment?

12. I represent a winery/brewery/distillery. Who do I contact
      in your company to make inquiries about representation?

13. I represent an organization that seeks your participation in
      a fundraising activity. Who do I contact in your company to
      make inquiries about your participation in our event?

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