Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell direct to the public?

No. International Cellars Inc. is an importer and distributor and as such, does not sell directly to the public.

I’m having trouble sourcing one of your products to purchase in a retail store. Can you help?

Absolutely! Please contact us at and we will do our best to locate an outlet that is convenient for you.

Are all of your products available across Canada?

International Cellars Inc. only operates in the four Western provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. While some of the products we represent are available in other parts of the country, they are under the portfolio of another agency. Certain products may be available in one province but not another.

Do you export wine to other countries?

No, we do not.

I am interested in purchasing a large quantity of wine – do you offer special pricing?

Under government regulations, no discounts are permitted for large purchases.

We are hosting a special event (wedding, convention, meeting, etc.) and are interested in serving some of your products. How do we make this happen?

Please contact us at and we will be pleased to discuss the details of your event.

I am interested in learning more about employment opportunities with International Cellars. How can I find out more information or apply for a position?

Please contact us at We do not normally post vacancies online, however your application may be of interest to us in the immediate or near future.

How can I have one of your sales representatives call on my licensed establishment?

Please contact us at or phone our Vancouver office at 604-689-5333 and request to speak with Michael Shuster.

I would like to inquire as to the possibility of representation in Western Canada. How do I get in touch?

Please contact us at and indicate “To the Special Attention of Michael Shuster” in the subject line.

I am looking for a wine sponsor, partner or donation for my fundraiser or community organization. Who should I contact?

Please send an email to with your request, complete with as much detail as possible.