Borgo Del Tiglio

Friuli, Italy

Nicola Manferrari is a highly regarded wine maker throughout Italy for his ability to find the textural complexity of white varietals from Friuli. His origins are not unlike many other great winemakers, in that he stumbled into his profession later in life. His vocation was as a pharmacist, but he often found himself wandering through the vineyards and showing a more serious interest in winemaking as opposed to his pharmacy job. After his fathers passing in 1981 he found himself in charge of 5 hectares of land with 3 under vine, basically by default. Over the past twenty-nine years Nicola's Borgo Del Tiglio winery has become a benchmark in the Friulano winemaking culture. His Friulano, Sauvignon, Malvasia and Chardonnay reach optimal ripeness and offer aspects of climate, soil and vine age that are impossible to replicate in other areas of Friuli, let alone the world.