Domaine Montrose


Domaine Montrose and its surroundings have been inhabited for millennia. (During antiquity, it was most likely a Roman Villa.) Wine has been made at Domaine Montrose since the 16th century, and for nine generations the estate has belonged to the Coste family.

Montrose is situated in the Languedoc, a few kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. The vineyards surrounding the winery are planted on three different terroirs, which give their wines a unique personality: balanced clay-limestone soils, small round pebbles poor in nutrients, and volcanic soils. The Mediterranean Sea, the sun and the wind are fundamental elements of the Languedoc and the South of France art de vivre. They shape the wines and the character of the women and men who make them.

At Domaine Montrose, they focus on what’s important in life: family and friends, sharing and life’s pleasures. Domaine Montrose takes a minimalist approach to wine: focusing less on power and exuberance for more finesse and elegance. At each moment from vine to bottle, they do everything to preserve this balance. The Coste family has always loved rosé and it is their family’s emblematic wine.

Domaine Montrose is committed to the planet. As a result of their efforts towards virtuous agriculture, Domaine Montrose is certified HVE 3, “High Environmental Value 3”, and is carbon neutral. They measure, reduce, and compensate for their CO2 emissions by financing ecological projects like hydroelectric dams and wind farms. Montrose also supports biodiversity by keeping uncultivated ecosystems, like woods and grasslands, around their vines and following a program to plant more indigenous Mediterranean trees. Today there are more than 3000 new trees, from 21 local species, that are prospering and helping to regulate the vineyard ecosystems.

Latin for “the light of the sun” Solis Lumen Rosé is a conscientious wine: organic and carbon neutral to preserve our planet.