Gil Family Estates

Jumilla-Calatayud-Monstant-Almansa-Castilla y Leon-Rueda-Rias Baixas, Spain

Gil Family Estates has a wide portfolio of Spanish wines with different characteristics and backgrounds. All of them with a common denominator- produced with different indigenous varieties of grapes, a refined image and an unbeatable relation between its quality and its price.

Through its wineries, Juan Gil Estates are firmly committed to the native varieties of grapes coming from different Spanish wine regions. They are specially engaged in the conservation of the old vineyards composing the rich and scarce heritage of these unique varieties of grapes, from the different places where The winemakers from each one of their wineries are specialized in the production of typical varieties of the lands where the wineries are located. The wines show the characteristics of varieties, vineyards and areas from which they come, showing their genuine personality in each case.

Bodegas Juan Gil - DO Jumilla

Bodegas El Nido - DO Jumilla

Bodegas Ateca - DO Calatayud

Cellers Can Blau - DO Montsant

Bodegas Atalaya - DO Almansa

Bodegas Tridente - VT Castilla y Leon

Bodegas Y Vinedos Shaya - DO Rueda

OroWines - DO Jumilla / DO Rias Baixas

Lagar Da Condesa - DO Rias Baixas