Les Vins Bonhomme

Valencia, Spain

Nathalie Bonhomme brings to the world of wine a vast knowledge of Spanish wines, with the outlook of an ex-pat Canadian. This unique combination allows her to find some of the best wines, both in quality and value, targeted to a Canadian consumer. Her success rate to date has proven she has married these two skills well.

Nathalie was born and raised in Montreal. She left Canada in her late-teens to study English in London and then found her way to South Africa. While living there she established a catering business, which resulted in a developing interest in wine. A few years later she moved to Spain, where her fascination with wine eventually resulted in the creation of her own wine export company.

The allure of wine has led Nathalie into other realms. Under the kind tutoring of winemakers Rafael Cambra in Valencia and Miguel Gil in Jumilla she has begun making her own wine. Her "El Bonhomme" is on the Quebec and British Columbia markets and "El Petit Bonhomme" in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec and, soon to be, Ontario.