Merum Priorati

Porrera, Priorat

The Merum Priorati estate is made up of three vineyard plots, all located in the village of Porrera. They make their wines with grapes grown on the estate and the Merum Priorati collection bears the stamp of this unique terroir: Vi de Vila Porrera. The unique terroirs of the village lead to some great and exceptional wines, whose fame is recognized around the world by wine critics, sommeliers, oenophiles and collectors.

Merum Priorati's roots reach back deep in time, through the long history of the Priorat - an exceptional area of harsh terroir tucked away in a little corner of Catalonia. They know that a good vineyard is the key to a good wine and strive to offer high quality wines with great character - wines that trigger new sensations and linger in the memory long after being tasted. Respesct, endurance and strength are the core values of Merum Priorati; they take great pride in their hard work. Their wines reflect the infectous energy of the Priorat region.