Piedmont, Italy

Nervi is the oldest operating winery in Gattinara, with large holdings in both Molsino and Valferana - two of the top crus in the region. Nervi was founded in 1906 by Italo Nervi, though many of the vineyards had already been in the family since 1679. In 2018, the winery was purchased by Roberto Conterno with the aim of applying the same impeccable attention to detail and quality to the wines of Nervi as he does to those of the Giacomo Conterno estate.

Gattinara is defined by its unique terroir - a vein of volanic gravel on steep, high-elevation slopes. With wide diurnal temperature swings that provide the perfect environment for Nebbiolo, the resulting wines have incredible complexity, minerality and potential to age. Nervi's vineyards are among Gattinara's finest, with Molsino facing south and Valferana facing west.

In recent years, Nervi has made three Gattinara wines. Molsino and Valferana are sourced from their namesake vineyards and the third, the Gattinara, is a blend of fruit from the two. The wines are made with meticulous attention to detail in both vineyard and winery, with lengthy fermentations and long ageing periods in old oak casks. Roberto Conterno does not intend to change the classic style in which these wines have long been made. Instead, he hopes to learn from the wines.